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Today's children get involved in gangsterism because they want to 'belong' to a goup because they feel left out at school or at home. They may want to make a name for themselves or they may want protection from other gangs.
Whatever the reasons may be, here are some warning signs and tips on how to handle the problem.


1. Withdrawing from family and demanding a lot of privacy
2. Having a lot of new undesirable friends suddenly
3. Staying out late and being very secretive about where they have been
4. Using a lot of street language, hand signals or drawing gang signs on book
and/or clothing or body
5. Developing attitude problems with parents, teachers or other authorities
6. Stealing, smoking, drinking and taking drug


1. Talk to the child about the dangers of gangsterism
2. Explain that gangs often force members into crime to prove that they
3. Find better or positive groups or activities for your child to join such as
sports, art, hobbies, youth groups or religious groups
4. Get to know your child's friends and their parents
5. Keep in contact with your child's teachers
6. If you child is involved with gangs, let them know that you can help them
to get out of the gang and that you will help them
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