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1. Lesson is recommended to be divided into 2 - 3 sessions to allow each concept to be
absorbed gradually and also due to the short attention of young children.

2. It should be carried out in classroom style to facilitate involvement and to encourage

3. Proper medical terms of identifying body parts should be utilized so that in the
event of molestation, children are then able to specify which part of their
bodies has been violated.

4. Warnings about keeping secrets from parents should be given as most potential
molestors are someone familar to them and not complete strangers. Most molestors
are friendly towards children who use guilt and threat to instil fear in children.

5. To evade from and to reduce too much controversy, yet being able to deliver the
message effectively, lesson should be conducted in a comfortable, natural manners.
Examples of animals are used when differentiating between sexes and examples of
objects are used when defining the word "private".

6. It is unnecessary for the educator to enact the acts of molestation as some children
might find it amusing to imitate the actions as a mode of aggravation when they are
in a bad mood. At this stage, children need only to realize that they have the right
over their bodies, and which part of their bodies should be kept private and what to
do in case they encounter potential molestors.
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