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For educators, particularly child care centres and kindergartens and primary schools

a) Importance of educating children to prevent child sexual abuse and teachers'
role in this area

b) Lecture on How To Present The Topic 'My Body'

a- material needed
b- introduce picture of 'My Body'
the importance of teaching children the proper terms
how to teach in a non-explicit manner
c- difference between male and female
how to teach this in a non-explicit manner
d- song: My Body
e- define the term 'private'
f- good and bad touchings (role-playing)
specify which part of the body is to be kept private
how to keep it private
g- what to do if private part is violated
h- strangers
i- revision, etc

c) Hands-on practice

For parents and educators

a) Introduction

b) Definition
a- contact and non-contact acts
b- differentials

c) Facts and figures

d) The Molestor
a- Who is he?
b- Indications of potential molestors

e) The victim
a- psychological effects
b- indications
c- male victims
d- problem faced by victims when disclosing the abuse

f) How Child Sexual abuse affects the society

g) Prevention
a- how to teach children
b- follow up procedures by parents

h) What do to if a child reports of abuse
a- how to handle the disclosure of abuse
b- what help is available

i) Q & A

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